Climate / Conversations · 13 March 2022

Climate Conversations on Wednesday

There is one more Climate Conversation happening on Wednesday 16th March 2022 at the Hemmingwell Skills Centre, 127 Nest Farm Crescent, Wellingborough NN8 4TU, 7pm to 9pm.

Join us this Wednesday

Residents, businesses, faith, community groups, and schools are invited to attend and help us better understand the challenges and impacts of Climate Change, and what we can all do in response. 

This will be third part of the Climate Conversations from Wellingborough Town Council and Wellingborough Climate Action Project (WCAP) who have come together to offer three Climate Conversations across the town. WCAP is hosted by Glamis Hall for All and supported by Wellingborough Eco Group and other community organisations. 

Do join us, to book please fill in the form below:

Assistances could include, but is not limited to help with access to venue, or help with translation if English is your second language. If you answered 'Yes' please add details in comments box below. You do not have to answer this question.
As well as holding these events we are also working to find out who is already taking climate or environmental action in our area, this could be personal action or as part of a group, school or business. Please let us know by answering this and the next yes/no question. Please also give us details if you have answered yes to either or both.
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