Climate / Conversations · 17 March 2022

Climate Conversations at Hemmingwell Skills and Community Centre

Thank you everyone who came to Wellingborough Climate Action Project’s Climate Conversations at the Hemmingwell Skills and Community Centre last night (16th March). 15 delegates gave their points of view during an interaction from WCAP.

The event included presentations from Green Party Councillor Emily Fedorowycz, North Northamptonshire Council, and Wellingborough Eco Group. The whole event was also a great opportunity for local residents to find out more about climate change.

This was the third part of the Climate Conversations from Wellingborough Town Council and Wellingborough Climate Action Project (WCAP) who have come together to offer three Climate Conversations across the town. WCAP is hosted by Glamis Hall for All and supported by Wellingborough Eco Group and other community organisations. Excerpts from all three events will be published soon.

The next event is due to focus on energy and details will be available early next week. This event will tie in with the Energy Savers project from Wellingborough Eco Group which actively looks at ways to cut fuel bills, something that we can all benefit from at the moment. Find out more at