Energy Savers

We are offering free home energy advice with Energy Savers and Wellingborough Eco Group.

Energy Savers is all about saving energy and reducing the cost for people and planet. We are a community energy project that has been set up by Wellingborough Eco Group and the Centre for Sustainable Energy to help save energy and cut your bills.

Poster for our Renewable Energy Workshop.

Supported by Glamis Hall and other community organisations, we offer free simple home energy advice in Northamptonshire via the Energy Savers website and at workshops. Here is the presentation from our first session, Energy Basics:

Read the presentation above or watch this workshop, plus more presentations and workshops at

We started our sessions in May with four themed Energy Savers Workshops, each session is two hours long, all focused on saving energy to save money and the planet:

  • 19th May – Energy Basics. Quick Wins Workshop
  • 26th May – Energy Use. How much energy do devices and appliances use? Reading your meter, working out what a unit is and understanding your bills. Smart meters and planning your energy use.
  • 9th June – Energy Saving. Insulation and other ways to use less energy. Getting the most out of your energy supplier. Working out your carbon footprint.
  • 16th June – Renewable Energy. Sustainable generation and heating, and how it saves resources and money.

You can watch the Energy Saving workshops here, or via the links above. The Renewable Energy Workshop is on video in two halves (Renewable Energy and Renewable Heating)

Do join us for the next sustainable workshop, please use the form below to register for this workshop and our other upcoming workshops:

One hour additional pop up workshops in Glamis Hall’s Community Room or on Zoom.

  • Cooking a meal with Food Sharers
  • Slow cookers with Food Sharers
  • Making a draft excluder with Wellingborough Swap Shop
  • Renewable generation.
  • Home heating.

More workshop suggestions welcome. All this plus lots more information has just been added to our advice website. Have a look at:

Plus find out what energy is and watch some videos about energy on our Energy Explained page: