Business / Climate / Food / Sustainability / Waste / Workshops · 14 August 2022

Food and Waste Workshop

The latest Wellingborough Climate Action Project Sustainability Workshop was on Food and Waste. Jonathan lead an interactive workshop, ably assisted by Marion, plus Kerry from Food For Thought and Mary from Redeem Funds, who both presented their own sections.

We would like to thank those who joined in with our workshop on Thursday night, and thank Kerry, Mary and everyone for their contributions to the workshop. We were very pleased to see lots of new people attending too. We focused on how cut the ‘food’ carbon and how to save waste in six sections:

  1. Sustainable Food
  2. Food Not Wasted
  3. Packaging
  4. Litter
  5. Rubbish
  6. Reduce, Reuse, Repair and Recycle

Did you know your food could actually be the biggest source of carbon in your daily life?

Watch the whole workshop!

How can my food choices make a difference to my environmental impact?

The ‘Sustainable Food’ section looked at what impact the production, processing, transportation, cooking, and waste of food. We looked at how to cut your ‘food’ carbon footprint be that by growing and preparing your own or moving to meat free or lower meat diets.

Mary from Redeem Funds lead the ‘Food Not Wasted’ section during the workshop, we looked at how much food is wasted, by who and what is being done to save and share food. Mary also told us all about how much food Redeem Funds has saved.

Kerry from Food For Thought lead the ‘Packaging’ part, focussing primarily on single use packaging, its damaging consequences and how we can use less packaging. Kerry talked about why she opened her shop and the benefits of refilling to save packaging.

Unfortunately we ran out of time for the last three sections, but we have re-recorded the whole presentation for you including the waste slides! The whole presentation is now available on YouTube and below, with Jonathan presenting it all in an hour:

Watch just the presentation…

Did you know that litter is mostly food packaging?

During the presentation, we look at the problem of ‘Litter’ and what is being done to combat it by councils and by local volunteers like Wellie Wombles. We then look at what ‘Rubbish’ is (and isn’t) where it comes from and the collection and management of all waste and to finish up, we look at simple ways to avoid waste, including how to ‘Reduce, Reuse, Repair and Recycle’ rather than just throwing things away.

If you just want to see the waste slides, join the presentation 40 minutes in to see the bit we ran out of time for. This workshop is all about ways to reduce your environmental impact from food and waste. We hope you enjoy watching this workshop and/or the presentation.

At our next workshop, on 25th August at 7pm, we will be focussing on Moving to Sustainable Transport, Jonathan will also be leading this workshop and will look at considering our transport options, including is ‘EV’ everything the answer, or are community solutions like car sharing a better way forward. We will also be looking at safer cycling and integrated transport hubs. Find out more and register on our Workshop page.