Our workshops ran from May to October 2022, they included all of these Energy Saving and General Sustainability Workshops:

Energy Saving Workshops

We started our sessions in May with four themed Energy Savers Workshops, each session is two hours long, all focused on saving energy to save money and the planet. Find out more about our Energy Saving Workshops and watch them here.

Sustainability Workshops

At our fifth online workshop we started to focus on sustainability, and we held seven in total. The recordings of these are all available on our video page. You can find out more about sustainability at

Our final workshop was on Adapting to Climate Change Impacts, Marion leads this workshop and looked at mitigating the impacts of climate change including dealing with droughts and floods. Please see the poster below:

Do watch our Energy Saving and Sustainability workshops, watch them now on our video page. If you would like to find out more about these or our project, please contact us using the form below: