Sustainability is in the news, when you visit the supermarket, in advertising. We sort of all get what it means, it’s something good, aspirational, guilt-free. Sustainable packaging, sustainable travel, sustainable clothing, sustainable products. It means it is good for the environment, good for the planet, that we’re doing something positive. But how sustainable is ‘sustainability’?

Wellingborough Climate Action Project is making it our mission to find out, with a series of Sustainability Workshops starting with Understanding our personal, community and business impact. During this workshop we will look at your carbon footprint and environmental impact and finding out how do we
assess our transition to sustainable living and working by creating a tool.

At our fifth online workshop we started to focus more on sustainability by discussing carbon footprints at home, in our communities and at work; and how we can reduce them. We focused on knowing your carbon footprint and environmental impact, by looking at how we assess our transition to sustainable living and working. We also worked to create a tool together to measure our impact at home and at work.

This is all about sharing ideas, do join us at our Sustainability Workshops. You will need to register for all sessions, book for the Impact Workshop, and all other sessions by filling in the form below: