Energy / Workshops · 10 June 2022

Energy Saving Workshop

In our third online workshop we discussed what energy saving measures you can take at home and at work. We looked at Energy Performance Certificates and related them to where you can install insulation, what types of insulation are available and what other actions you can do to save energy. This was all about sharing ideas with those that joined us on Thursday 9th June at 7pm, with each other and with you watching the recording of the workshop below:

Marion Turner-Hawes started us off with an introduction to our workshops and gave us an update about the Wellingborough Climate Action Project, and Jonathan Hornett then lead a conversational presentation about Energy Saving and everyone discussed the ideas that were introduced. We also had many other suggestions and contributions from delegates.

Thank you to our presenters and to everyone who joined us to make this a successful and productive evening. We hope that you enjoy watching our third workshop and that you join us on 15th June for our next workshop that looks at ‘Renewables’. Find out more about our upcoming workshops and register at