Energy / Workshops · 17 June 2022

Renewable Energy and Heating Workshop

In the last of four Energy Saving Workshops, this time we looked at sustainable generation and how it saves resources and money. We look at different types of renewable energy, how each is generated and how they can save you money.

Marion Turner-Hawes started us off with an introduction to our workshops and gave us an update about the Wellingborough Climate Action Project, and then lead a conversational presentation about Renewable Energy. Everyone joined in and discussed the various options that were introduced. We also had many other suggestions and contributions from delegates.

In the second half of the workshop, we looked at Renewable Heating in greater detail, with a presentation from Darleen McCullough of Energywise Wales. This is available as a separate video below.

Thank you to our presenters and to everyone who joined us to make this a successful and productive evening. We hope that you enjoy watching our fourth workshop and that you join us at our next workshop that looks at Understanding Our Personal, Community and Business Impact. Find out more about our upcoming workshops and register at