Climate / Energy / Renewables · 18 June 2022

A Solar Install

Here we asked Wellingborough Eco Group member, Simon Turner, to talk about his experiences when he installed solar photovoltaic panels at his home. He tells us about how his solar project started as a do-it-yourself project in the back garden and ended up having to go on the roof of his house. Simon also tells us about the costs, expected returns, his feed in tariff and export rates.

This was due to be part of our Renewable Energy Workshop on Thursday 16th June, where we looked at sustainable generation and how it saves resources and money, but we tried to squeeze in too much. During this workshop we also looked at different types of renewable energy, how each is generated and how they can save you money; plus had a presentation about renewable heating from Energywise Wales.

We hope that you find this presentation useful, if you did have a look at our other read only presentation videos or workshop recordings; they are all on this channel. At our workshops, everyone joins in and discusses the ideas that are introduced. Find out more about our upcoming workshops and register at