Climate / Conversations · 5 March 2022

Climate Conversations from Electric Corby

Today Nick Bolton, co-founder of Electric Corby, told us all about their community interest company and it’s transition to Electric Places. Electric Corby began as a project to develop Corby’s EV charge point infrastructure in 2011, and became a Community Interest Company in 2012.

Electric Corby CIC develops and promotes projects that actively enhance Corby and support its growth and regeneration objectives. Nick told us about the following projects they have done and are doing:

  • NN2NZ – North Northamptonshire to Net Zero (newly launched)
  • FleXunity
  • Corby Community Energy
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
  • District of the Future
  • CloudOpting
  • Northamptonshire Bus Portal
  • Your Energy Dashboard
  • Zero Energy Bill Homes
  • ZEB 1
  • Etopia Corby

Nick Bolton was speaking at Wellingborough Climate Action Project’s Climate Conversation in Glamis Hall today (Saturday 5th March). The event also included other presentations from North Northamptonshire Council (see video on YouTube) and Wellingborough Eco Group. 19 delegates gave their points of view during an interaction from WCAP. The whole event was also a great opportunity for local residents to find out more about climate change.